Who IS In Charge?

This is a very scary time that we all live in and I’m not going to try to sell you a pound of sugar just to sweeten the truth.  This article has a strong message and may also possibly offend a lot of people, but I feel I have to write this as a man who writes books for children with the hopes of providing them some light in a society that appears hopeless.  In response to all the hatred going on, I find myself asking the question – WHO IS IN CHARGE?

We first must agree that we live in a corrupt society and have to learn to function healthily within its parameters.  The key word being LEARN or if we look at it from a child’s point of view the operative word then becomes TAUGHT.  How do we change all the negative that we as adults have learned and translate it into something positive for the sake of our future world and children?

Let’s first examine how adults should respond.  With adults it becomes a little more difficult because we have to retrain our thought processes how to react to situations which is not easy by any means, but it can be done.  My Body+Soul magazine defines this process in three steps.  First we must be able to recognize when we are thinking negatively.  Second, we must be willing to make the change.  Thirdly, practice makes perfect.  It’s not going to happen in one instantaneous moment, but the steps are there to be proactive in making that change. Stop living in the past, what has happened in the past is in the past.  How are you to move on and create a better environment for you and those you love around you by holding on to the negativity of the past. We are indeed habitual creatures and it is always easier to go with what you know rather than change.  Just remember if you do not make the effort to be the change then you simply fall through the cracks and become part of the problem – not the solution.

Now, with children it is much easier. Children are sponges and absorb anything and everything that we put in front of them.  Whether we intentionally teach them something physical, visual, auditory or emotional.  We must be careful of what we do and say at all times.  I can hear some people say, “I am an adult…I will do and say what I want!”  Well, then you become part of societies problem because you choose to corrupt the mind of a child with your “I am an adult” attitude.  You are therefore determining the outcome of your child’s life by filling their head with the garbage that falls from your mouth and on to their ears.  Let me give an example and remember this is just a scenario.

A child is born to parents.  From the moment that child is born the child hears “Black Lives Matter” or “White Lives Matter”.  Although we may think these words are a bold positive message, it most definitely has a negative connotation, why?  Let me continue.  These children grow up and are now five and attending school for the first time.  So for five years of that child’s life, these words have been pounded into that child’s mind like a screw into concrete.  So, when someone of the opposite race tries to correct them.  What do you think is going to happen?  That child is going to rebel.  Why, because that child has already been conditioned by the parent that the color of your skin dictates who you are and how you are defined!   The child gets in trouble. The parents are called in for a meeting. The parents get irate at the school for trying to teach and correct their child and now the child has learned how to disrespect authority figures.  So, instead of the parents disciplining the child because of their disobedience, the child gets away with their actions.  These types of examples can be seen every day.  Parents conditioning their children negatively toward a race, culture or group of people.  Imagine a child growing into adulthood who has heard nothing but negative words.  What type of adult do you think that child has grown into?  Who then is to blame?  So, who is really in charge?  The parents!

My message is simple.  I want every child to have the chance at a successful and happy life.  As they move on into adulthood, their reaction and how they interact with the world becomes more crucial.  As parents who have been blessed with the miracle of life, it is up to us to ensure that child is equipped with the knowledge to thrive in a healthy manner in an otherwise corrupt society.  Remember change starts with you, be blessed!


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