Indie-pendent Author and Proud

I always get people coming up to me asking how did I get started as a self-published author.  My reply is always the same, through a lot  research and great connections.  After years of rejections through traditional publishing houses, I got lured in to publishing my first book with a vanity press.  A vanity press is basically a publisher whom the author pays to get their books published and trust me, there are a lot out there.  I like to call them preying presses because in actuality they prey on those authors who long to see their book in print, but can not get it picked up by a traditional publishing house.

I got hooked by Xlibris.  It’s not that they are awful to deal with, on the contrary they had an excellent sells department. My experience turned sour when they released my first book as a softcover with a price of $15.99.  I was appalled, who will by my book at that price – a softcover book nonetheless. You may have suggested that I release it has a hardcover.  I could have, but that would have been an additional $400.00 on top of the $600.00 I initially paid.  Another stab at my writers heart, was when they sold me my book in bulk for $8.49 per book providing I purchase fifty books at a time. The only way they offered any good deal on buying books in bulk was if I bought more than 1000 and still that was at $5.89 per book. The only thing I could do was to buy the books and sell them at $9.99.  I had to take a large financial loss, but learned a large lesson in publishing.

Through connections, I learned about self-publishing.  I really wanted my experience to be a lesson for all other authors out there.  So, after months of planning and research – I started my own publishing company called 4KidzPublishing.  Building a relationship with distributors, prilogosmallnters, publications, illustrators, editors, etc. I documented everything and started creating binders of valuable information to which I share freely.  My goal is to educate and provide authors with the steps needed to get published with a free consultation. My second book Rose and Her Amazing Nose was released by 4KidzPublshing and won two Purple Dragonfly Book Awards.  I am currently working Have You Seen My Egg? which is in the preliminary stages and will be released under the company as well in April of 2017.

I am extremely proud to call myself a self-published author simply because we have taken the time to personally learn the industry.  We do not have a team employed to make the necessary decisions for us. The entire process from beginning to end is a journey for us. I also feel that being an self-published author allows us to write from our own unique voices and life lessons.  We all have a story to tell and though it may not have value to some, others might find it heart-felt and insightful.  Self-published authors, seem to have been branded with a stigma. Though with the proper guidance and tools, anyone can produce a book of quality – not just authors who belong to larger publishing houses.  We are not just self-published authors, but a family of writers with one goal in mind and that is simply to be heard.

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