Have You Seen My Egg?

“This is one of those jump-off-the-shelf book!”  “Everything about Have You Seen My Egg? shouts READ ME!” “This is a tremendous story of heart, fortitude and reward.”

WOW!  What a way to release a book and it is only on presale.  I only hope this is a few of many good reviews that come from this story.  It is definitely my favorite book, to-date, that I have written.  It took me a year to prepare this book for publication from beginning to end and was definitely worth it.  I have learned a lot and sincerely hope parents and children will enjoy this story now and for years to come.

Have You Seen My Egg? is a gender breaking book that puts a twist on the traditional baby looking for mom story and also touches subtly on my own experience with single-parent adoption. It is also beautifully illustrated by Melissa Shultz-Jones.


The story opens with the main character, Red the rooster, awakening from a dream.  It is a dream that he has often and believes to be true, but normally roosters don’t have eggs.  Convinced that he does, Red goes on a quest to find his egg. On his farm a group of hens explain to Red, that having eggs is simply a hen’s job. Refusing to believe the news, Red goes on a journey.  On his journey, he runs into fellow farm friends who are eager to help him find his missing egg. Red encounters many obstacles along the way, but refuses to give up despite life’s unforeseen hurdles.

I am offering bloggers and reviewers free copies of the standard hardcover edition with the cover shown in the heading.  cover3.jpgAnyone who orders the kindle version and is one of the first 25 people to leave a review will receive this limited edition copy (shown at right).  These are limited to 100 copies.  Each comes with a limited edition autographed print, gold PROMO stamped and hand numbered.

This is a book that should definitely grace every child’s bookshelf, for it will truly abide in the halls of their memory!




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