TRICK OR TREAT GANG – 2020 Fall Writing Frenzy

I’m working hard to be more active in contest. I had the picture picked out, but struggled for the longest on what to write. So, I gave myself a strict deadline and word vomited all over the paper and this is my creation.

This is the picture I chose…

“You guys ready for tonight?” Melody whispered.

“Ms. Winters,” Ms. Spellman shouted, scratching on the blackboard. “I hear and see EVERYTHING.”

She whirled around. Her fiery hair piled atop a pointy head and piercing eyes shielded by enormous spectacles perched at the tip of her nose.

Suddenly the bell rang.

“Happy Halloween.” Ms. Spellman smirked as we all darted out of her class, covering our eyes.

“WOW! That was creepy.” Melody’s voice quivered.

“I felt like she was trying to read my mind.” Anthony said.

Max laughed. “Come on guys. Ms. Spellman is not a witch.”

“Ok Max,” Beverly said looking down at him. “Then you can trick or treat her house – alone.”

“I’m not scared,” Max replied. “You will see…”

That night, Beverly decided Ms. Spellman’s house would be first.

“Does anybody live here?” Melody asked.

The house dark, a faint light flickered through a shattered window. Tracks of missing children trailed through the withered grass.

“STOP SHOVING!” Max said. “I’m going!”

“We’ll wait right here,” Anthony said.

Max suddenly disappeared into the tall maze.

“Where is he?” Melody panicked.

Max cried out, it was the type of scream that made your blood run cold.


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