Between The Words

So…I often get asked, Where did the inspiration for ‘Have You Seen My Egg?’ come from?

This story was inspired by the children of Texas Children Hospital.  About a year ago, I use to volunteer at the Downtown Houston location. Since I was planning on donating 25% of my sales to the hospital, I might as well become more involved in the hospital and the community.  I definitely was not prepared for what I would experience…heartbreaking to say the least!  I stayed with them only a short time as it was getting to me emotionally. To see children experiencing that type of pain and even see some children abandoned by their parents was more than I could handle.

I was laying in bed one night, unable to sleep. I knew there was a story inside of me. The idea was there, but my muse was not speaking to me.   I began to think about those children and how I wish I could adopt them all. It then hit me. I would write a story about a rooster who wants to adopt. Na…no one will buy it…a rooster who wants to adopt, I thought. After writing the manuscript, I shared it with many friends and colleagues and they said the story was unbelievable. However, in my heart, I new I had to write it.

Red, is a very different character and if you have read the book, you can see that he is no ordinary rooster. He is a rooster that breaks all the gender rules. In the story, Red awakes from a dream believing he has an egg. This egg symbolizes not only birth, but faith. In his dream, which the audience is unaware of, he spoke with God and was told that this is your journey. When we speak with God and he speaks back, do we not become excited? Red was so excited and over joyed about this ‘coEPSON MFP imagenversation’ that he wanted to tell someone. He quickly runs to the three hens and much to his dislike, they told him – No way, Now how, It’s not going to happen. Shattered by their words, but yet still believing in his dream he continued on his journey.  This journey leads him to meet some amazing farm friends who are excited to help Red find his egg as he is, without question! As he approaches his journey’s end, Red has a brief encounter with a wise owl who just shuts down Red’s dream as being just that – A DREAM! Red becomes quite upset by this news, but refusing the news – he still believes he is meant to have an egg. Red braves many obstacles to find his egg in the hopes of experiencing a dream come true.

This book does not follow the typical rule for picture books in that there is no conflict with himself. Red’s conflict is with his environment around him.  The naysayers who tell him to give up vs. those who encourage him. It isn’t meant to be a story with consequences, but one of believing in the impossible.

I know that the children of Texas Children’s Hospital may never get to read this book or experience its beautiful story, but I will continue to hope as Red did. There is resolution even in the darkest of storm, just believe in yourself and hold on to your strength and eternal love!

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